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Large Selection of Homes on Display at Domaine du Logis -

On Display and for Sale: Pemberton Marlow From Willerby: Granada ( Now Reduced), Brockenhurst, Rio Gold, Martin Centre Lounge, Mistral 2 bed & Mistral 3 bed ARRIVING SOON Pemberton Regent - Brand New Model - Willerby SKYE & Lymington and NEW From Victory Leisure Homes 40 x 12 3 bed centre Lounge THIS SHOWGROUND IS FOR BONNE VIE HOLIDAY HOMES CLIENTS AND IS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

Pemberton Marlow 37 x 12 on the Domaine du Logis salesground.

Many added options. Additional wardrobes in master bedroom in lieu of ensuite - Prices vary Depending on campsite. Best quotes available

Willerby Mistral - 2 Bed (2 in stock) Domaine du Logis

Best Value Home! Lots of added options - £24,815.28

Willerby Martin Centre Lounge 34 x 12 2 bed

Suits families & Couples who have friends to stay! Options have been added to make this a fabulous home! - SOLD BUT REPEATABLE -

Willerby Mistral 3 Bed - Installed with Terrace at Domaine du Logis

Fully equipped. Ready to Live in! -

Victory Leisure 40 x 12 3 bed Centre Lounge - Arriving Soon

Fabulous family accommodation with many extra's -

Pemberton Regent 38 x 12 2 bed. New Model For 2018

Built to Residential Specification and many options included -

Willerby Lymington 35 x 12 2 BED

A popular home with well planned lounge seating & dining -

Willerby SKYE 38 x 12 2 Bed - New Model from Willerby

Boasts spacious living space with lots of storage. A great value home -

Arriving Soon! Willerby Sierra 38 x 12 2 bed - Beautiful Colours

A popular home with well planned lounge seating & dining with many regular options included -

Willerby Brockenhurst 38 x 12 2 bed - Many extra's to provide an ideal home!

Space & Comfort is the key with Front Opening doors - 0

Rio Gold 2018 For Sale on Domaine du Logis Sales Ground

Best Seller! Regularly specifications added. - Price varies according to campsite - ask for quote.

New Willerby Granada For sale and on show at Domaine du Logis

Luxurious & Comfortable 38 x 12.5 2 Bed - 0